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Welcome to Sienna Roofing & Solar! We are proud to offer the best in residential solar solutions. Our team of experts specializes in providing reliable and affordable solar power systems for homes. We make switching to solar energy easy with our top-of-the-line solar solutions.

Our mission is to help homeowners like you reduce their carbon footprint and save on electricity costs with our cutting-edge solar technology and our wide range of residential solar systems. We have everything you need for a successful transition into solar power, from start to finish. With our expertise and quality products, we guarantee that your home will be powered by the most efficient solar power system available on the market today. Let us show you why we are the leading provider of residential solar solutions and how we can help you achieve your goals of sustainable living with a solar power system for home.

Solar Panel Installation For Homes in Oak Ridge North

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Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is a renewable source of energy. Unlike fossil fuels which contribute to air pollution and climate change, solar energy is clean and emission-free. By using solar power for your home, you’re reducing your carbon footprint

Energy Independence

By using solar energy, you’re taking control of your own energy production. You no longer have to worry about rising energy costs or power outages. With a residential solar system, you can generate your own electricity.


One of the main advantages of switching to solar is the cost savings it brings. Solar energy systems generate electricity from sunlight, meaning you’ll no longer have to rely on expensive utility companies for your power needs.


Investing in a solar energy system for your home can also increase its property value. Homes with solar panels are highly sought after in the real estate market as they offer potential buyers the opportunity for long-term cost savings.

Save Money. Use Less Energy. Get Peace of Mind.

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Jeremy is super kind and helpful
Jonathan Arnft
Jonathan Arnft
Sienna’s team is extremely detailed and make sure that the entire process is conducted with exceptional services. We have already referred them to our friends and they are so thankful we shared their contact because they rave about them the same way we do. They are experts in their field!
Plumb Plumbing
Plumb Plumbing
Jeremy is completely transparent about the process of going solar. I’m recommending him to my family and friends.
Mike Green
Mike Green
I couldn’t ask for a better person to help us on our solar. Thank you Jeremy Carter.
Sebrina Davis
Sebrina Davis
Great experience! My solar is saving me tons of money each month! Highly recommend!
Jared Ford
Jared Ford
Fast and great customer service!!
Estefani Hurtado
Estefani Hurtado
We had roof damage due to a fallen tree. Called Sienna Roofing and Solar for a roof replacement estimate. Tyler came to my house, walked me through the entire process and was very patient answering all of my questions. He was honest, professional, and was always on time. Sienna Roofing was fairly priced as well. We are happy with the work that Tyler and the Sienna team did.I would recommend Sienna roofing to anyone needing roofing services.
Matt Yu
Matt Yu
Contacted Sienna roofing after discovering a leak in my roof. Andre came out the next day and I decided to replace my 13 yr old roof. He explained the whole process and showed me why I needed a new roof. I felt very comfortable throughout the process. He and his team arrived on time on my start date and completed the job by the end of the day. From start to finish, Andre kept me informed and replied promptly to all my inquiries. His team was professional, and knowledgeable. I ended up with a beautiful roof on my home. Highly recommend. Thank you, Andre!
Jacqueline Garcia
Jacqueline Garcia
We connected with Jeremy Carter when he rented a meeting room for his team. He is very professional and polite during all of our interactions together. Jeremy even called me after his meeting concluded to let me know that he was leaving out of courtesy. Because of these actions that he displayed, I would highly recommend his business.
Anna Pi
Anna Pi
Andre and his team went above and beyond to take care of my roof leak. He came out same day and the repair was finished in a few hours. Couldn’t have asked for better service! Highly recommended!
chris pansa
chris pansa

Client Reviews

At Sienna, we are deeply appreciative of the insightful reviews we receive from our esteemed clients. These testimonials are not just a validation of our tireless efforts, but they also inspire us to push our limits further. Every review we receive propels our commitment to deliver superior quality work and exceed our clients’ expectations. We understand the importance of feedback and take every review seriously, whether it is positive or negative. We value our clients’ opinions and continuously strive to improve our services based on their valuable input. Your reviews help us identify areas where we can enhance our performance and make necessary improvements.

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Sienna's Home Solar Energy Systems in Oak Ridge North

We provide top-grade home solar energy systems designed to help you harness the abundant sunshine that our city enjoys. By making the switch to solar, you not only reduce your carbon footprint but also make significant savings on your energy bill.

Solar Power System: A Game-changer for Oak Ridge North Homes

At Sienna, we believe in empowering homeowners in Oak Ridge North with clean, renewable energy. Our solar power systems for homes are a testament to this mission. They are efficient, reliable, and built to withstand the local weather conditions. Plus, our dedicated team of professionals is always ready to guide you through the switch to solar.

Transform Your Home with Solar Solutions in Oak Ridge North

Are you ready to take the leap towards a more sustainable future? Sienna is here to help. We specialize in residential solar systems, offering Oak Ridge North homes the opportunity to tap into an endless supply of renewable energy. It’s time to join the green revolution and redefine your home’s energy consumption with us.

Get Solar Power System For Home

For those looking to make the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle, Sienna Roofing & Solar has the perfect solution. We provide comprehensive home solar energy solutions that include solar home installation and maintenance services. As a leading residential solar company, we are dedicated to providing top-tier customer service from start to finish. When you reach out to us via our website or phone, we will set up an initial consultation in order to understand your energy needs and evaluate the suitability of your property for solar panel installation. Then, we will conduct an inspection visit which involves reviewing the condition of your roof, measuring sun exposure, and evaluating other factors that can influence the efficiency of a solar system. After this crucial step is complete, our team will provide you with a detailed proposal outlining the specific solar energy system best suited for your home. With our help, going green with renewable energy sources is easy and stress-free!

Solar Home Installation

At Sienna Roofing & Solar, client satisfaction is our top priority. We pride ourselves on our commitment to putting our customers first and providing a service that is tailored to each individual’s specific needs. This approach has earned us a reputation as a trusted home solar company, backed by an array of positive reviews from our clientele. Our customers regularly laud our professionalism, expert knowledge, and the high quality of our solar panel installation for homes. Residential solar power systems offered by Sienna Roofing & Solar have received numerous positive testimonials and high ratings on various platforms. This is a testament to our dedication to providing an unparalleled service in the residential solar energy systems sector. We take pride in these reviews not just as recognition of our hard work but also as a commitment to continuously striving for excellence, ensuring that every client’s experience with us is nothing short of exceptional.

There are numerous benefits to switching to residential solar, including cost savings, energy independence, and potential increase in property value.
The cost of installing a residential solar system may vary depending on factors such as the size of your home and location. However, with incentives and long-term savings on electricity bills, many homeowners find that the initial investment is worth it.
The timeline for installation can vary, but it typically takes a few days to complete the process. Our team of experts at Sienna Roofing & Solar will work efficiently to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine.
Studies have shown that homes with solar energy systems tend to have higher property values. This is because potential buyers see the benefit of lower electricity bills and the sustainability aspect of using renewable energy.
Our team at Sienna Roofing & Solar takes great care in the installation process to ensure that your roof remains intact and undamaged. In fact, solar panels can act as a protective layer for your roof, extending its lifespan.

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